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Facilitate Education of Endangered Girls and Orphans.
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Cultivating Faith in Small Christian Communities

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Clean Water/Health
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Our focus is the empowerment of the most vulnerable, namely, endangered girls, orphans and the elderly of Bunnamweri, an impoverished village in Uganda. SSFOH is committed to the people of Bunnamweri Village through education facilitation, access to water and general health services, and faith promotion in small Christian communities. As you journey through the site, may you be inspired and motivated by knowledge and love to make our mission possible. Help us bring hope to the people of rural Uganda.  Please join us. Read more
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SSFOH serves the region in and around the impoverished village of Bunnamweri, on the outskirts of Mpigi town, Uganda, Africa. Read more...

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Fr. Dennis Kasule
President SSFOH
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8 Wells  in Bunnamweri

"Residents of Bunnamweri village in Mpigi district have reason to smile after receiving hope for piped water, thanks to Stepping Stones Foundation of Hope (SSFOH), a charity organization." ... "The new wells will help provide safe drinking water to 30,000 residents.”  Including a hospital and a school.  Uganda's Leading Daily: New Vision:

Completed in July 2013

Stepping Stones Foundation Of Hope
Thank you to Cam 3 North 
 & Mundelein Seminary

Your donation of $3225.00 has been received with much gratitude. Thank you for supporting Stepping Stones. Part of your donation is going to go towards purchasing 4 beds for the sick at St. Raphael. The other part is going towards additional solar-power installation at St. Raphael Health Center. This will enable safe keeping of immunization kits and other medicines that need refrigeration.
Thank you so much! 
on March 15, 2015

You raised $11, 773.33

Thank YOU!
Primary Goals for 2015:
1. Equipping St. Raphael Health Center 
a) 4 Beds, 
b) Solar-powered Refrigeration of Immunization Vaccines and Other Medicines.
2. School fees for SSFOH's 27 children.