Facilitate Education of Endangered Girls and Orphans

For girls in rural Uganda, going to high school is only a remote possibility. The chances of finishing high school are very slim. When rural parents lack the resources and money to support the educational dreams of all their children, girls are expected to stay home. What little resources families have go toward the education of boys. Given the extent of poverty in rural Uganda, this plight leads numerous girls into early marriages, teenage pregnancies, and prostitution. 

Sponsor a Child Program

The contributions of our donors have made it possible for SSFOH to sponsor up to thirty two girls and orphans. SSFOH has a cost sharing plan in which SSFOH funds a larger fraction (ranging from $50 to $600) of the child’s annual school fees, and the child's guardians pay the remaining fraction in light of their parental responsibility.

SSFOH needs support to continue the education of these “little ones”, and ensure a brighter future for the children of rural Uganda. The annual cost for sending a child to good schools ranges from $300 to $900, depending on the class level. 

Support our Dreams:

• VILLAGE LIBRARY. Plans are currently underway to build a Village Library. This library will be the first of its kind in Uganda! Given that Ugandan culture is an oral cultural, a village library will be crucial for promoting the culture of reading and writing. Under this cause, a simple two-room building will be constructed near the local village chapel. Suitable used books will be collected, and these will be available to students on weekends on a borrow-read-return basis.

•TRADES AND AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE. Due to the high cost of university education, we foresee the need to channel many of our supported children into technical and agricultural institutions. Two of the children who are currently being assisted are in such institutions. Unfortunately, institutions of this kind are long distances from the children’s homes, and there are very few of them. The long term plan is to build a community technical and agricultural institute offering skills like carpentry, tailoring, building construction, catering, modern agriculture methods, and hairdressing to name a few. 
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Sponsor a Child Program

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