Operation Rosary has been one of successful avenues of nurturing Hope through Prayer. Under this operation, we pray the rosary as a chain of faith and love uniting us with the Blessed Mother in divine fidelity and love of her Son. 

Further, thousands of rosaries are being distributed in Catholic schools, Catholic communities in other denominational schools, small communities, and to families and individuals. The aim is to ignite a spirit of prayer, promote Catholic identity, and nurture devout living.

Most of the rosaries being distributed have been donated by friends of our Lady in the United States of America. Gratitude go especially to St. Matthew, St. Marcelline and St. Isidore Parishes of the Chicago Archdiocese and the Notre Dame society of Rockford, IL. God bless America and may our Lady obtain for them many rewards for their generosity!

                  Other rosaries have been made by the seminarians of Kisubi Seminary.                     Special thanks to the seminarians of the Rosary Group.

                  Most of all, we have built a grotto for our Lady next to Bunnamweri sub-                   parish Church. Gratitude goes to St. Viator's High School, Johann Lobo,                     and Pat Marchese for assisting us to build this Grotto and procuring a                       beautiful statue of our Lady

Operation Rosery