About Us

Many Walks...One Destiny
Our mission: To expand the horizons of hope for the less fortunate by empowering them to help themselves.

SSFOH serves the region in and around the impoverished village of Bunnamweri, on the outskirts of Mpigi town, Uganda, Africa. 

Our avenues for expanding the horizons of hope are:

1. Education Facilitation through SSFOH's Sponsor a Student (SAS) Program and St. Raphael Junior School (SRJS). SAS helps 28 endangered girls and orphans in need of educational assistance. SRJS has 102 pupils from nursery to grade 5.

2. Water and Wellness Initiative through SSFOH's piped water network (PWN) and St. Raphael Health Center (SRHC). PWN serves 80% of Bunnamweri residents and 5 other villages. Also, included are Kkonge Parish, St. Luke Health Center, St. Joseph Secondary School, and St. Anne's Primary School. SRHC serves the residents of Bunnamweri sub-parish.

3. Faith Promotion through soccer and netball tournaments, promoting sub-parish church building, SSFOH's Divine Mercy Way of the Cross at Kisubi Sem., sharing religious articles. The goal is to foster Christian values in small rural communities.​


SSFOH is registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of Illinois and has Federal and State tax exempt status.

You can support by:

+ sponsoring a student or a pupil,
+ donating to St. Raphael Health Center
+ coming to our fundraising events
+ Going to volunteer in Uganda

To support any of SSFOH's programs please click here.

SSFOH ensures proper stewardship of the resources contributed by our sponsors. Please check out our Annual Report and Financial Financial Statement.
+ Faustina, sponsored since grade school, graduated as a nursery school teacher.
+ Big Joseph graduated from higher (upper tier of high school) and got an internship at SRHC
+ Allen, Immaculate, Oliver, and Teddy graduated from high school. They are now studying Fashion and Design, Grade School Teaching, Catering, and Tailoring in various institutions.
+ Alex graduated from grade school with a first grade. He is now at St. Maria Goretti for high school.
+ St. Raphael Junior school opened in February.
+ SSFOH helped to put a roof on Bunnamweri sub-parish church.
+ St. Raphael netball and soccer tournaments started.
+ St. Raphael Maternity started. Raphael, our first baby, was born in August. Many more to be delivered! 
Thank you for empowering us to do all this!! God bless you!

To see our earlier achievements please click here.
Fr. Dennis Kasule
President, SSFOH
Our Priorities for 2017 are:

1. Ensuring the welfare and education of our sponsored pupils and students.

2. Equipping the maternity of St. Raphael Health Center.

3. Paying salaries of our 12 members school staff at St. Raphael Junior School and our 8 members care staff at St. Raphael Health Center.

4. Sponsoring St. Raphael netball tournament for girls and St. Raphael soccer tournament for boys.

5. Continuing to support the construction of Bunnamweri sub-parish church.

6. Maintaining our wells.

7. Showing gratitude to our sponsors.
Ken Aman, Karen Becker, Dennis Kasule, Dany Robidas, Susie Sadural, Pete and Bev Wickman, Guy Vacarro, Glenn and Linda Yamamoto, Bill Booth (Advisor to the Board)
John Baptist Bukenya, Derrick Kabuye, Joseph Kamya, Vicent Kawooya, Tonny Mbogga, Teddy Musoke, Janepher Nalugwa, Joan Namulindwa, Juliet Namutebi, Mugagga Ssekamatte