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St. Raphael Jr. School: Monthly Updates

We're very proud of the work being done by the Stepping Stones team to support the community of Bunnamweri!  Please see below for a summary of our latest accomplishments provided by Tonny Mbogga, COO.  

December 2019

  • Health Center volume is increasing due to monthly outreach activities.  To accommodate this growth, the team is discussing options to build a new structure with local engineers.

  • The students of St. Raphael Jr. School are currently on a holiday break. We expect additional students in future terms and are researching costs to purchase a second van.

  • Electricity is coming to Bunnamweri! Already a few poles have been planted and progress continues. 

November 2019

  • Our clinician began his new role at the Health Center! We have a 2-year contract with him.

  • Two students at the Youth Center are ready to begin their internships.

  • Two additional cows were purchased for the Farm.

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