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"Lack of access to clean drinking water kills 1.5 million children every year."

"Pennies for a Well" Outreach


​The lack of access to clean water affects children and the elderly most profoundly. Imagine a child of ten carrying a twenty-liter container on his or her head for two miles up a hill. Not once, but several times in a single day. This was the daily experience of most of the children of Bunnamweri.  Fetching water from so far away made it difficult for most to attend school and several children have drowned bending to dip their containers into the water hole.


As for the elderly, words cannot adequately express the pain and stress of fetching water from the end of the valley. This was simply an "oppressive unavoidable experience" since water is indispensable for life, yet it is naturally found so far away.

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Since 2011, SSFOH has brought 9 wells - located approximately 1 mile apart - to the community.  The water is “tapped” from a local river, but it is not run through any purification process. Families must boil their own water to purify it.  With additional funding, wells could be placed a 1/2 mile apart and a filtration process could be added. 

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Residents of Bunnamweri village in Mpigi district have reason to smile after receiving hope for piped water, thanks to Stepping Stones Foundation of Hope (SSFOH), a charity organization.

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