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The St. Raphael Health Center began construction in 2012 and opened in November 2014.  


One of the primary reasons for opening the clinic was to provide prenatal, maternity and antenatal care to the mothers of Uganda.  Every Tuesday, mothers can bring their babies for free vaccinations. Mothers regularly come to the clinic for a safe and clean environment to give birth. The clinic staff also travel through the local villages offering medical treatment via monthly community outreach events. This is vital for providing services like immunizations, blood pressure screenings, HIV testing and counseling and basic first aid to the families in the area that cannot get to the Health Center.  In 2017, Henry Nsubuga, a clinical psychologist was hired to address the psychological and emotional needs of the people in the area.  

The clinic is run by SSFOH graduates - John Baptist, a medical clinician who assists the visiting doctor and Juliet, Director of Community Outreach. The clinic is in need of many upgrades and depends on your continued support.

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