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Fr. Dennis Kasule 

The “madness” of initiating SSFOH came upon me late on September 3, 2004 aboard a flight to the USA. As I left everything I knew to study for the priesthood in Chicago, I pondered how I had leapt up into those starry African skies. Then I wondered, "Why me?" But, why not me! I feel privileged to share my aspirations of bringing wondrous hope to the children and people of my home. I look back over my life and I see that the “stepping stone” that enabled me to leap into the skies was my mother. She had the chance few other women in my village ever have, a formal education and unwavering faith in God - both of which she passed on to my siblings and myself.  When the future mothers of Bunnamweri are empowered with education, health, and grounded in the values and faith of Christianity, then the future daughters and sons of Bunnamweri will also be privileged to have similar stepping stones as I had.  Five years later (2009), SSFOH was born at the hands of three strong, industrious, loving women: Denise Chicoine, Debbie Bohne, and Patricia Marchese. The current Board of Directors of SSFOH includes: Peter Wickman (Treasurer), Karen Becker (Sponsor a Student), Beverly Wickman (Secretary), Dany Robidas (Marketing/Technology), Linda Yamamoto (Event Coordinator), Matt Schultz (Fundraising), Susie Sadural, Ken Aman, Glen Yamamoto, and Bill Booth (Board Advisor). SSFOH also has a competent and accountable Board of Directors in Uganda, headed by Tonny Mbogga.


Father Dennis Kasule, President of Stepping Stones Foundation of Hope.


Our Board in Uganda from left to right:

  • Digital Communications Manager - Derrick Kabuye,

  • SAS and Director SRJS - Vicent Kawooya,

  • Facilities and Sports - Muggaga Ssekamatte,

  • Director SRHC - John Baptist Bulenya,

  • Chairman-Tonny Mbogga,

  • Director of Community Projects - Juliet Namutebi,

  • US President - Fr. Dennis Kasule,

  • Trustee and Overseer of Community Relations - Mrs. Teddy Musoke,

  • Treasurer and Secretary-Treasurer - Janepher Nalugwa. 

  • Not Pictured:  Mobiliser-Joseph Kamya

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